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Childhood Apraxia of Speech  •  Articulation  •  Phonological Delays & Disorders  •  Stuttering & Fluency
Augmentative & Alternative Communication  •  Language Disorders  •  Late Talkers  •  Social Skills


We make speech therapy fun and engaging by incorporating games, toys, and interactive technology into sessions to help your child develop skills such as:

  • clear and accurate speech

  • accurate production of words in sentences

  • confidence in their communication

Home practice will also be provided to help reinforce therapy targets and facilitate the generalization of skills into everyday situations.


We work with young children to support communication development using play-based and fun activities. Speech therapy for late talkers focuses on:

  • learning new sounds and words

  • using early communication strategies like signing to communicate

  • building play skills

  • increasing back-and-forth communication exchanges

  • parent coaching


We target receptive, expressive, and social language skills through interactive activities, games, and role-playing to help your child:

  • increase their vocabulary

  • improve their grammar

  • ask and answer questions

  • follow directions

  • retell stories

  • improve reading and writing skills

  • ask for clarification when they don't understand something

  • develop academic language skills

Child who is a late talker working with a speech therapist to improve communication
Child with speech difficulty participating in speech therapy for articulation
Child working on vocabulary skills during language therapy

Augmentative & Alternative Communication

Speech therapy for AAC focuses on identifying and using a functional means of communication to help your child express their wants, needs, and ideas. AAC refers to the use of tools, strategies, and systems that supplement or replace spoken language to support effective communication.

Therapy includes collaboration with caregivers, educators, and other relevant professionals to ensure consistent AAC use and the overall integration of AAC into your child's daily life.


Our team is passionate about honoring each child's unique personality while helping them develop skills to navigate their social world. We will help your child: 

  • identify emotions in themselves and others

  • understand non-verbal and figurative language

  • engage in conversation with adults and peers

  • read social situations

  • develop self-advocacy skills


Speech therapy for stuttering aims to improve overall speech fluency, support self-acceptance and self-advocacy skills, and increase your child's overall communication confidence and well-being. Therapy is tailored to each child's age, goals, and developmental history. Therapy for stuttering will include:

  • learning strategies for smooth speech

  • building self-advocacy skills

  • increasing confidence in speaking in social situations

  • parent coaching


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