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Fine Motor Skills  •  Visual Motor Skills  •  Handwriting  •  Sensory Processing
Emotional & Self-Regulation  •  Self-Care Skills  •  Executive Functioning  •  School Readiness


Occupational therapy for kids will focus on building functional skills for your child's everyday life. We incorporate play-based activities such as puzzles, building blocks, drawing, crafts, sensory play, and more to help your child develop:

  • holding a pencil or crayon

  • using scissors, utensils, and other tools

  • skills for daily activities such as buttoning clothes, using zippers, and tying shoelaces

  • increased precision for writing

Occupational therapy will help your child overcome fine motor challenges, enhance their independence, and thrive in their daily activities at home, school, and in their community.


We work with children to improve hand-eye coordination, visual-spatial awareness, tracking, and visual perception. Your OT will help your child develop skills such as:

  • using two hands together

  • catching and throwing a ball

  • visual discrimination, memory, and sequencing

  • drawing, tracing, and copying

  • interpreting and processing visual information accurately

By targeting visual motor skills, we will help your child improve their coordination, visual perception, and motor planning abilities for success in daily activities.

Child working on fine motor and visual motor skills during occupational therapy
Occupational therapist helping a child with sensory processing and emotional regulation


Occupational therapy for sensory processing and integration will help your child process and respond to sensory input in their environment. We will help your child: 

  • increase tolerance of different textures and smells

  • improve their response to light, touch, and/or noise

  • increase their ability to sit still, pay attention, and regulate emotions

  • seek sensory input in non-disruptive ways

Through incorporating the use of our state-of-the-art sensory gym, we will help your child develop effective sensory processing skills, improve self-regulation, enhance engagement, and support their overall functional participation in daily activities.


Occupational therapy will help your child develop emotional awareness so they can express their emotions in a healthy and appropriate manner. We will engage your child in interactive games, discussions, and creative outlets such as art or play therapy to build skills such as:

  • mindfulness techniques like deep breathing

  • understanding social cues

  • perspective-taking and empathy

  • self-awareness and self-calming strategies

Pediatric occupational therapy focusing on emotional regulation enhances overall well-being, self-confidence, and the ability to participate in daily activities with greater success.


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